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Nightquarter: Adding a little splash of fun to the Sunshine Coast

November 2019

We have some excellent news for all Sunshine Coast residents, but particularly so for the residents of Bokarina Beach. It’s exciting times up here, and we’re very keen to see what’s next.

The big news, of course, is NightQuarter – now here on the Sunshine Coast. This is the new cultural phenomenon on the Sunshine Coast, and it’s here to stay. Get your party shoes on and your fun goggles out because NightQuarter is the new place to be and be seen on the Sunshine Coast.

NightQuarter have picked the perfect location for their move to the Sunshine Coast. Birtinya has it all already, so the addition of NightQuarter really rounds out the equation, making this a great place to live, eat and drink.


Great Food, Great Times

NightQuarter is all about the street food. They source the best street food vendors, stalls and food trucks and bring them together into one place for the express purpose of giving you the best possible choices you can find in a wide radius. This is what it’s all about – eating well, drinking well and having a great time in a quality atmosphere.

NightQuarter often features visits from award-winning food trucks and street chefs. It’s all about embracing taste and experience and combining them into a great night for all.

Culture and Society

As the Sunshine Coast grows, particularly in the area around Birtinya and Bokarina, culture and society in the region will continue to change. Major shifts like NightQuarter coming to the region help to further develop the unique local culture and involve more and more people in their community.

We love the Bokarina area and the nearby suburbs. They have a great vibe that really makes you feel at home. It’s a relaxed atmosphere and a great place to spend a day or a lifetime. NightQuarter will only serve to add to the feel of the community.


What’s on?

NightQuarter brings a whole host of exciting new events to Birtinya. To put it in a nutshell, NightQuarter is all about the best street food, night markets and outstanding entertainment. From your standard hot chips through to a taste of all sides of the Mediterranean, NightQuarter has a little bit of something for everyone, all in one convenient location. Vendors change from week to week, although if you decide to become a regular you’re likely to notice quite a few familiar faces week in, week out.

There is more than just food and entertainment. The night markets have a little something for everyone. You can enjoy displays by local artists and discover some of the amazing arts and crafts produced by your neighbours, the “makers” in the Sunshine Coast community.


When is NightQuarter open?

NightQuarter will be open every weekend in dedicated premises next to the Stockland Birtinya Shopping Centre. This is a great opportunity for all nearby residents and may also help to bring a little more business into the shopping centre itself. NightQuarter is usually in full swing by around 8pm during Friday and Saturday evenings, although it is open from 4pm through to 10pm.

Stockland Birtinya Shopping Centre

Stockland Birtinya Shopping Centre is the heart of the local community. With a huge range of shops for groceries, retail shopping, or simply relaxing for a lunch beer, the local shopping centre has everything that you’ll need. Now, on Friday and Saturday evenings, you can finish off your evening at the shops with a quick bite to eat at NightQuarter.

Where to Park at NightQuarter

There is loads of parking available at NightQuarter for all patrons and their families. As you approach the dedicated area nearby Stockland Birtinya Shopping Centre you’ll see the designated parking areas that are set aside for NightQuarter visitors.

The Local Area

The local area is one of the nicest spots in the wider Sunshine Coast region. Quiet suburbs, friendly people and great weather year-round. Bokarina, Birtinya and the suburbs immediately north and south (Warana and Wurtulla) are among the top choices in Queensland for those retiring to enjoy a pleasant beachfront lifestyle.

There are plenty of very good reasons that people choose to move themselves and their families to the Sunshine Coast at all stages of life. It’s a phenomenal place to live, with plenty of great spots all along it. One of these spots is right next to Birtinya, in Bokarina. Bokarina has everything you could possibly ask of a beachside suburb. Quiet living, great little shops, plenty of places for a pleasant walk and a great community.


Seanna Residences

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