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Sunshine Coast is the #1 Investment Hotspot in Australia

December 2019

The Sunshine Coast is a beautiful place, something few would deny. Not only is it beautiful, it’s valuable. The Sunshine Coast is rapidly cementing its reputation as one of the fastest growing property investment hotspots in Australia. It’s a trend we’ve noticed for some time, with many of those who bought in the region several years ago now realising impressive returns.

However, it’s not all about buying and selling for a profit. Many people move to the Sunshine Coast because they love the area, and end up realising impressive on-paper gains in the property value, which allows them to leverage their equity into other investments and ultimately greatly improve their quality of life.

A Tightening Market

Australia’s housing market gets tighter every day, and with a bottleneck in supply predicted in years ahead, it’s likely that prices aren’t going to plummet any time soon. The Sunshine Coast isn’t immune to this. Forward projections for demographic shifts and population growth indicate a rapidly increasing acceleration in the number of people who will be seeking to purchase property on the Sunshine Coast in the coming decades. Despite the explosion in property development in the area, this increase in interest is likely to cause a tightening in the property market and an increase in housing prices.

One of Australia’s Most Liveable Regions

The Sunshine Coast ranks highly as one of Australia’s most liveable regions. A 2019 Ipsos survey of 10,000 Australians ranked the Sunshine Coast as the fourth most liveable regional area in Australia. It was the highest scoring Queensland location and beat out other national competitors like north-west Tasmania and north-west Victoria.

Ipsos’ famed Liveability Index assesses the importance of several liveability criteria, such as public transport, education and health services, and how well a particular region serves those needs. The Sunshine Coast’s explosion in infrastructure investment over the past decade and a half is a large contributor to the rise in the region’s Liveability Index. Significant projects such as the Sunshine Coast Health Precinct and the Sunshine Coast International Broadbank Network are not only boosting the liveability of the region but also laying a firm foundation for future growth.

Capital Growth

The Sunshine Coast stands out among all of the property hotspots in Australia as one of the best opportunities for home-owners and property investors to experience significant capital growth on their properties. Few other locations offer such a high possibility of return on property investment, and few offer the level of returns that the Sunshine Coast represents.

Population Growth

The Sunshine Coast has seen unrelenting population growth over the past decade, a trend that is set to continue into the foreseeable future. With population growth comes increasing demand for infrastructure, services and of course housing.

An increasing population is an extraordinarily positive signal for the future of the Sunshine Coast. This is a trend that is extremely unlikely to change. As more people decide to make the vast Sunshine Coast their home, business growth and infrastructure development is likely to follow. Anyone who decides to make their home on the Sunshine Coast over the next few years is likely to greatly benefit from the growth in population in the region.

Development and Infrastructure

Development has been a mainstay of the Sunshine Coast for many years, with a significant rise in new infrastructure driven by population growth and investment from the state and federal governments. The Sunshine Coast is a hotspot for new infrastructure development, which is led by a multitude of state-governed initiatives and public-private partnerships. These infrastructure development efforts are likely to continue to drive up the level of amenities available to Sunshine Coast residents while simultaneously improving their quality of life.


In decades past, a sea change from the city to the coast meant giving up some of the luxuries and amenities that come with living in a population-dense area. This meant that those who made the move to areas such as the Sunshine Coast would need to be prepared to make sacrifices. However, times have changed, and that’s no longer the case.


Now, people making a sea-change from larger cities such as Brisbane often find that they don’t need to make as many sacrifices as they once did. The Sunshine Coast still offers the same relaxed atmosphere and pleasant surroundings as it always has. However, there are a few additional amenities there now and some more creature comforts, meaning you can get all the convenience of city living with the relaxed environment of coastal living. You really can have the best of both worlds.


The Sunshine Coast climate is essentially perfect. It’s the envy of much of the country. There are loads of pleasant days year-round and temperate seasons throughout summer and winter (provided you can handle a few warm summer days). The Sunshine Coast climate is perfect for people of all backgrounds, unless of course you prefer icy cold temperatures, in which case the Sunshine Coast probably isn’t for you.

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